Pleasure to do business with, Very Professional.
Clapton E5, N.Brookes

Had my computer repaired, Engineer was very friendly and answered all my question, Top Guys..
Hackney E9, J.Payne

Repaired My Macbook Pro keyboard.
Homerton E8, S.Harman

Called me up a week after visit to see how I was getting on. Thats Service!
Hackney E9, B.Morris
Had My Apple Mac repair after the hard drive had failed they fixed my Mac same day. Thanks
Hackney E5, J.Davis
PC Restore have been key to helping us run our business with repairs to our computers.
Hackney E8, P.Winns
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Computer Virus, Spyware, & Malware Removal Service
Computer-Virus-Spyware-Malware-Removal-Service-London If your computer is infected by a virus there are many methods of removal. The method used will depend on the nature of the virus or security breech, and on the complexity of the virus. With over 90,000 viruses in the world, removal techniques differ from one to another.

If a virus cannot be deleted by your antivirus package it may require a manual deletion. This may involve checking start-up processes and removing entries from computer registry. Approximately 80% of the time a virus tends to damage system files and leave open security loop holes for re-infection by the same or similar virus, this also affects the computer’s reliability, often leading to non-responding programs, even after all traces of the virus have been totally eliminated, therefore a full format is recommended. Disadvantages being that all data and programs, personal customisation and user preferences will be erased, and therefore require re-installation of programmes and re-configuration of user preferences.

Virus removal without format £45.00 (simple viruses).

Virus removal with harddrive format £65.00 (recommended). Guaranteed removal