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Our upgrade service allows you to extend the lifetime of your computerís hardware, if youíre looking for greater performance or capacity.
Are you thinking that your computer is getting old and contemplating purchasing a new one but are unsure. It is almost always worth considering an upgrade on any computer purchased with Vista pre-installed. Windows Vista is an inefficient operating system. It requires a lot of resources to just run itself, (requires greater ram, and a higher processor chip). Computers from 2007 onwards can support the latest Windows 7 package. Windows 7 is the predecessor of vista and has been tweaked, and because of its efficiency can run on older vista computers.


The more ram you have the greater the amount of memory will be allocated to individual processes. This means more instructions will fit into the memory so improving the speed of the computer. More ram is required for high levels of multi-tasking, i.e. by running many processes at the same time, running anti-virus, phishing filter, spyware detection, connection management to internet, firewall blocking and many more. A ram upgrade is the cheapest way of upgrading and improving the performance of your computer. Our PC-Restore engineer will visit your premises and supply and fit this from £45.

Hard Drive Upgrades

if you are running low on storage space due to high movie content and music downloading, we can add an additional drive and increase the storage, freeing up space from your Windows drive will in effect increase the system performance.

Software Upgrade

upgrading from previous version of Windows XP/Vista to Windows 7 will increase security, simplicity, and support for newer technologies.


Computer running Windows XP: 1GB Ram. 160GB or greater hard drive
Computer running Vista and Windows 7 2GB Ram. 250GB or greater Hard drive

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The Processor also plays a significant role. The higher the processor speed the more calculation it can perform per second. These can also be upgraded, please speak to our engineer to see if it is economical to do so.

Processors in order of power from high to low.

Pentium i7 - AMD Phenom Hex core x6
Pentium i5 - AMD Phenom Quad core X4
Pentium i3 - AMD Athlon Quad core - AMD ultra Turion x2
Core duo 2 - AMD
Celeron - AMD Sempron
Atom - AMD Neo (net book processors)