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Virus Removal
Start Up Failure

The following hardware repairs for laptops are available:

Keyboard replacement
Hard drive replacement
Screen replacement (cracked screen)
Replacement of DC socket
(when charger unit unable to power laptop)
Overheating caused by internal blockage by dust debris
No presence of back light on screens (vaguely make out content on the screen, zero luminance on screen)

Dvd-cd drive replacement: if drive fails to read or write to disc.
Slow PC
Broadband Problems
Data recovery
Wireless Setup
Laptop Repairs
Computer Sales
Mac Repairs


Q - How long will it take for PC Restore to repair my broken screen on my laptop.
A - Most screens can be replaced on the day. We have most common sizes in stock, so we will arrange an appointment for our engineer to repair it at your premises. If the part required is non standard, we may need to order the part from our supplier or manufacturer. These tend to have a 2–3 day delivery time, but once parts are received we can carry out the repair on the same day of delivery.

Q - I have spilt wine on my laptop and it wont turn back on. Are all my files gone?
A- As long as no liquid has got to the laptop’s hard drive your chances of data recovery are good.

Q - I have spilt drink on my laptop. Certain keys on the keyboard do not work, can this be repaired?
A - Yes, but you will require a new keyboard. We can supply and fit these for you. The cost for this type of repair is £35- £75 for keyboard, and £35 labour fitting charge.