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Startup Failure
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Failure to successfully load to your desktop can be caused by a number of issues:

If you receive a blank screen with text, this means that the computer has detected something wrong with the start up. Safe mode option screen may appear.

If presented with this screen select the safe mode option. When in this environment you will notice lack of colour and larger icons than if you were in normal start mode. Once at the user screen select your user account and remove any programs that you may have installed, or look for a restore point.

If the computer still fails to reach the user selection screen, or restarts again by itself with a flash of a blue screen, then this indicates that some corruption has taken place with the system files.

To resolve this issue will require an experienced engineer, as data would have to be recovered, backed up and windows reinstalled. Prior to this procedure some hardware tests may be required.

Windows repair / Reinstallation 45 ~ 65

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