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Slow PC

Causes of a slow Computer:

There are many factors that cause a slow responding computer. It may be overloaded with too many programs, even if you are just using the computer for basic functionality such as web browsing and email. There are a lot more services running in the background. An average new computer with no extra software has about 40 services running, and if you were to launch your internet browser then you would be adding an extra service to that figure. (Press alt+ctrl+delete to view processes).
When you purchase a computer they come with lots of trial programs such as McAfee antivirus, Norton online backup, games and programs. These can add on average 15 extra unnecessary processes to the computer.

PC Service

General Service 35-40. This will involve cleaning the computer's registry and missed out files from old uninstalled applications . Temporary internet cache/removal of toolbars and the termination of unnecessary services. From this you will notice a change in the computers performance and start-up time.

Full Service :£65 Fixed Price. This is a complete overhaul of all the software on your computer. Everything from your hard drive is erased and will be re-programmed from scratch. All programs that were installed on the computer will be erased, so re-installation of these programs is required. We will re-install windows as part of this service, and all available drivers for the motherboard. These drivers are software that make the sound, video, wireless and Bluetooth adaptor work. We also separate your hard drive into two partitions. Once completed common applications will be installed, see below.

  • Adobe reader
  • Adobe Flash
  • Nero burning Rom* (CD burning program)
  • Picasa (photo software that controls transfer of photos))*
  • Power DVD.* (enables you to watch DVD films)
  • Access to the internet
  • Security package **
  • Office package, (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), (licence must be supplied for reinstallation)

Slow PC
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Note: Prior to full service procedure all important data must be backed up. This can be done by copying all important files onto an external source, e.g. CD, DVD, USB flash drive, external hard drive or an online backup site. If you want PC-Restore to back up your files, we can provide this service at 15 per user upto a total of 15GB. Please note you must specify all files and folders that you wish to have backed up, also specifying emails if using Outlook Express and MS Outlook. Web based email accounts such as hotmail, live, yahoo, gmail will not be affected by this procedure if you go online to access your emails.

* if required by your operating system.
** Security is installed if you have a current subscription, we can install any Symantec products for you. Some security packages may require annual renewal so extra charges may be applicable. McAfee users must install their security by logging into their McAfee online account and re-downloading their security product.